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Lesson #06 – Painting Forms Demo

Ok! Let’s get some paint on that canvas.

This is our first exercise in learning how to create form. The video below will take you through the steps.

A quick note about safety before we get going. Most oil paints are not toxic – they are made from oil and pigments. Some of the pigments contain heavy metals and are toxic – cadmiums, cobalt, viridian, and lead white. If you are a super messy painter and you wind up with it all over your hands, you may choose to paint with gloves – especially if you are using the toxic colors. The fumes from the mineral spirits are also present if the lid is open. Fumes from the mineral spirits will sink so you may prefer to keep small pets in a different room, particularly if your pet has respiratory issues. When you are done painting and cleaning your brushes, put the lid back on the mineral spirits.

Painting Five Basic Shapes to give them form and volume. Part 1.

Painting Five Basic Shapes to give them form and volume. Part 2.

Painting Five Basic Shapes to give them form and volume. Part 3.

Cleaning Up.

Ok. Nice Job! Now you have your shapes, and likely a messy palette. Just scrape it up with your palette knife or a razor blade and wipe it off with a little bit of mineral spirits and a paper towel. You can leave your larger piles of color, but clean up your mixing area for the next time. Your used paper towels can go into the garbage. Clean your brushes out in the mineral spirits and if you are feeling extra tidy you can clean them even more with brush soap, or Murphy’s Oil Soap. Admittedly, I never take that extra step. I use hardy bristle brushes and I wear out the bristles fast enough. **I’ve heard that Murphy’s Oil Soap will take dried paint out of a brush if you soak it overnight, and out of your cloths too. I have not tested this, but if you find yourself in a colorful jam give it a whirl.

Now move onto your ‘Independent Play’ in the next video and show us what you’ve come up with! I can’t wait to see it all.

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