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Lesson #03 – Find Your Shapes

We begin painting in the very first session. We will be starting with the ultra, uber, not to be underestimated, lesson on the importance of value (the range of light to dark), and how these value shapes create form and dimension. We start by painting these five basic shapes because they can be found in almost everything. Once you understand how to paint these five shapes, you will quickly be able to modify them and paint more complex forms.

Command your space!

Gather your supplies and get ready! Command a space in your home, garage, shed, basement, attic, kitchen… anywhere that you can leave your easel out to call you into this beautiful world of color everyday.

In this course we will work together through line, shape, value, color, composition, texture, and edges. Soon you will be creating paintings that reflect your own sense of the world. Painting is a beautiful language that you can continue to ‘speak’ for the rest of your life. I’m excited to teach you, and I can’t wait to see what you share with the rest of us.

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